To put it as simply as I understood it, Technology from a bird eye’s view is comprised of two large parts; software and hardware.

Hardware basically translates as machinery, engineering, and all physical technology. …

The elders are supposed to be good vibes.

Grandmothers feeding you and hugging you, fussing over you, squeezing your cheeks, loving you, happy they get to experience you, young. You’re theirs and these years are yours. They can’t be happier when they see you. You know.

Granddaddies never missing a…

The short answer is yes. The long answer, is also yes.

The spaces I can exist freely as my true authentic self in Ghana get tinier and tinier.

One day Ghana will squeeze me till there’s nothing left.

So true bestie was Gen Z’s most excellent pioneering move. Truly the addition of the concept has only made society better and we can only go up from here.

I would like to congratulate everyone born after 1994, stan twitter, their parents, and Jack for the opportunity to experience evolution…




My fellow babies in tech, If you want to give up, you can.


Continuing to try is also okay.


A lot can get confusing when you’re a baby in Tech. Especially if you’re a self taught baby. Even more so when you’re a woman. There’s…

Exhausted is nothing.

Over here, even the kids are exhausted. Working a lot and on the lookout for more, we finally get what living young and independent in Accra looks like for babes like us.

There’s always the option of selling cocaine.

Let’s abolish prisons first.

In the meantime I’ll…


Map of the Soul

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