My fellow babies in tech, If you want to give up, you can.


Continuing to try is also okay.


A lot can get confusing when you’re a baby in Tech. Especially if you’re a self taught baby. Even more so when you’re a woman. There’s a lot I wish I had focused on before I started coding but in retrospect, there was really no way I could have known unless someone had taken the time to point it out.

I don’t know if your journey will mirror mine or if it’ll be easier for you (hopefully it is) but all the same, I’ll address this to all the babies like me. Just one thing today though. Baby steps, and I’ll be back in a few with number two.

First, you’re gonna want to understand the scope of all things Software Dev/Tech. I personally dabbled a little in Backend, frontend, full stack, AI, machine learning, engineering, literally everything tech related I stuck my feet in.

While this showed me what I would probably really like to do since I figured out what I found boring, it didn’t help as far as time management was concerned. And yeah, there’s a culture in the community (a valid one) where it’s like the quicker you start practical learning the quicker you grow and while that is all very lovely, its useful to know what particular area you want to pour yourself in, before you begin. Imagine mastering one specific computer language because that’s the first thing you stumbled on when in fact what you finally find your interest in would utilize other languages much better. You get?

What I would have done differently would have been research. More extensive, longer, more patient, research. There are many classifications of Software Development and Engineering and I think the first thing I needed as a baby, was to pick one.

Do I want to be a software engineer? Do I want to develop apps? Am I interested in Robotics? What about design, is that where I want to pitch my tent? etc etc. Settling on one thing before I started would have had me much further along in my journey, and more senior in at least one field by now.

While I’m completely okay now with where I’m at in my journey, the factors that could make this so aren’t always present for everyone else. I came from a place of relative privilege so dabbling in things without the pressure of having to make money was just one of those other life hobbies I could afford to do.

But even at the beginning, Tech isn’t a hobby for most of us. If you’re looking to not only build a career, but also make money along the way, your first cheat code lies in how quickly you specialize.

So hit the books or the videos, ask a lot of questions, look at everything you possibly can and then pick whatever suits you best because honestly, there’s no wrong choice. Maybe after extensive research you might even realize tech as a whole just isn’t for you, and that would be completely okay too.

Alright that’s it for number 1, bye babies.

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